Friday, May 21, 2010

Heart and Mind

It has definitely been a while since I have written anything. I guess the idea to start blogging properly isn't exactly working. What did they call it, the writer's block? It is so hard to come up with a good topic to write about. Maybe that's why I put this title down, "Heart and Mind". our hearts and minds mainly affect what we do or say in our everyday lives. Well, in my opinion at least.

Haven't you ever had the situation where your heart tells you one thing but your mind tells you another? I'm sure everyone has been through those type of situations more than once in their lives. I have a thought, how can your heart tell you to do anything? It's a lump of muscle that is not even in the centre of your chest; it beats to pump blood to all parts of your body so that you can function properly. How can' it tell us what to do? And yet we, as humans, relate to what our heart tells us. But how does it tell us?

On the other hand, our minds are also organs... Brains to be specific. We usually associate rationality with our brains rather than our hearts. But what gives our heart the right to be associated with the emotions and not the brain? Our brains seems like the most important organ because of its rational-thinking capabilities. Wouldn't that make it the more important organ compared to the heart? So why follow the heart?

Sometimes when we are in a dilemma, people tell us to "follow your heart". But there are occassions when following your heart will not produce the best outcomes but instead, the worst. And yet, we feel that we like it more than the more "right and proper" way of the decisions made by our brain. How odd isn't it, the lump of muscle that beats in our chest, seems to be regarded as the inferior decision-maker in our lives. When it is in fact THAT lump of muscle that each of us rely on to survive and live through another day.

Shouldn't our hearts be given more credit? We should listen to it even though it's logically and scientifically impossible for our hearts to be able to speak. Deep inside, our hearts know what is right for every one of us human beings. And if only people listen to their hearts more often, this world would probably be a much more comfortable place. Granting mercy for others who have done wrong, and building a world on love and compassion would be good.

Of course, one might argue that if everyone follows their heart, people would also die becase your heart might tell you to kill someone you really really hate... Which I fear might just happen to me at that moment. And yet in these situations, our mind is the one that prevents us from doing something stupid that we will end up regretting about for the rest of our lives...

Well, I guess, if we are to consider that situation, then we should listen to our minds. But, we should learn to listen to our hearts more often...