Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day and Night

Making it in the sunlight
Making it in the moonlight
You and I are in one dimension
Surely this isn't an illusion

I see the world's treasures in you
My eyes open as if they're new
Memories imprinted into my dark walls
Our laughter echoes in the empty halls

How fortunate that you and I have met
Our chance meeting Fate had let
The blood in my veins race within
The breath in my lungs cycle out and in

Summer nights have come and gone
Our souls melted into one
Winter storms have left their scars
My heart has turned to stone

Now the stars don't seem to shine no more
The caves no longer contain gold ore
All earth's colors have faded grey
Immersing myself in sorrow if I may

Your actions are in the making
And already my heart has stopped beating
Oh the things you do to me
Why is it that only now I see

Since the start they said it won't last
Time since then has gone so fast
What we did you say is blurry
And now it's mine to bear for eternity

Made it in the sunlight
Made it in the moonlight
You and I were in one dimension
Was it all some sort of illusion

Just decided to write a poem. It's been a while since I wrote something like this haha. I actually surprised myself. It's good know that I've still got it in me.