Wednesday, August 3, 2011


A stub of string stands out from the black hardened wax.
The dark shiny rod stands


It’s been burning for some time now.
Light is fading.
A cold night wind is blowing.
Where is the moon?
The Lady of Chastity has disappeared.
The diamond of the sky corrupted.

Looks like another storm tonight.

The windows are shut, but a gust still invades the room.
The hot flame flickers.
The light dims and brightens,
as if it is mocking and teasing.
Not even a glass wall can protect it.

An imminent gloom threatens to swallow the space.
The wind never stays still for long,
not around here.
A larger power always threatens to dim the light.

Time is running out.

It won’t be soon before the shadows come again.
By then, any chance of relighting the flame is almost gone.
There is hardly any hope.

It comes suddenly, like a thief at night.
And then,


Friday, July 8, 2011

Dark Light

Red-skinned kids running across, left and right.
Constant squeaking of shoes against a concrete floor.
An orange sphere travels to and fro, aimed to fall through a net.

He stands out from the crowd,
With his dark hair and slightly tanned skin.
His legs wrapped tightly by faded jeans,
Stained with the dripping marks of his past.
His favourite.

What is it about this long time friend?
What is it about him that had me drawn to him like bees to honey?
His expressive eyes flicker to me,
My heart stops.

Edgy features contradicted by soft smooth skin.
His personality, contradicted by the heart of a lamb.
Love and generosity,
He is full of them.

A clean boyish smile makes me turn thirteen once again.
Unstable, shy, frightened, interested, mystified, enthralled.
An empty spot in my fantasy is filled,
Just temporarily.

It feeds an obsession, a need.
A need for someone due to a lack in life.
Innocent but experienced,
Gentle but rash,
Shy but impulsive,
Open but mysterious,
A hypocrite to match my hypocrisies,
A contradiction to balance out the contradictions.

A whiff of him enters my pores.
His existence is my drug.
His deep voice vibrates in my heart.
It’s a dark music that lulls me to sleep.
Music: sounds of life that will never end.

He is the dark hope that rescues me from the depths of my despair.
A flame from the past reignited.
A window to my heart opens once more,
but would the winds of fate blow out the candle as swiftly as before?
Or would the air still enough to let this intriguing dark light illuminate?