Thursday, September 6, 2012

To the World and its Highest Towers

When you are feeling like you’re down,
Your face is drooping to a frown,
Go look upon the Heaven’s skies,
And He’ll grant insight so you’ll rise.

Although we’re clay jars holding gold,
Our hearts hold light beyond our gauge.
Be not afraid, and tell the whole world of His pow’r.
Bring His salvation to the world and all its highest tow’rs.

Don’t only use our words to love,
But show the truth that we speak of.
Let’s share the grace of Him, the One,
Compassion of the sacrificial son.

Although we’re troubled, don’t fall into Satan’s snare.
Although we are confused, dwell not in your despair.
Although we’re hunted down, our Lord abandoned not.
Although we get knocked down, remember His reward.
The face of death we live in, but we have eternal life.

So go prepare your minds to act,
and set our hopes towards His grace.
Disciple all the nations far,
He’ll be with us until the end.

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